Synoptic Weather Charts and Computer Model Forecasts

Met Office North Atlantic and European 5 Day Surface Synoptic Charts :-

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Alternative source : T+0 / T+24 / T+36 / T+48 / T+60 / T+72 / T+84 / T+96 / T+120
Unmodified T+144 MSLP/500hPa+TT

Met Office Euro4 model via Weatheronline

Meteocentre MetO GM, GFS, ECMWF and GEM model comparisons / Storm Tracking Data /
Netweather Model Comparisons

WxCharts.Eu / Weathercast ENS data


ECMWF Data :-

ECMWF charts via Meteocentre 00Z model run / 12Z run

US National Weather Service (NWS) NCEP Data :-

Flow-following finite-volume Icosahedral model (FIM) - experimental NOAA global model

NOGAPS/GFS : to T+144 for various regions | FNMOC main page 

Weatheronline GFS maps / NW Europe GFS Menu (Westwind)

GFS NW Europe cumulative precipitation totals : 24 hours / 48 / 72 / 96 / 120 / 144

Wetterzentrale GFS menu /  GFS data via  - Wetter3 charts - Wetter3 Animations

Wetterzentrale GFS Panels to T+216 MSLP/500mb | 850mb Temp/Gph | Cloud | Precipitation | 2m Temp

Universisty of Athens European Forecasts : WRF model

Meteociel : various models including high-res GFS/WRF for NW Europe

University of Manchester WRF model output via ManUniCast

GFS data projected onto onto the globe / Windyty GFS data

NCEP GFS 10 day panel forecast for Europe

NCEP GFS European charts up to T+144 in greater detail

NCEP GFS model charts - European 4 panel to T+72 

NCEP GFS 15 Day location plots via IPS MeteoStar / IPS MeteoStar GFS charts

DIY Model charts from various sources via University of Wyoming

NCEP Ensemble forecast products / GFS Ensemble Plots

Air Resources Laboratory (READY) NCEP/NOAA Model products

FSU Experimental forecast Tropical Cyclone Genesis Potential Fields

NWS US Synoptic forecasts



Reference :-

Martin Rowley's guide to Forecast Charts and Model Output from the FAQ

Global Model Verification (1and 5-day global model performance) / NCEP


Updated November 2, 2017