Miscellaneous : Archive Charts, Educational, Reference/Conversion Sources and Climate Data

Global Climate data from / Weatherbase | UK Climate Data from the Met Office

Unisys Global Station Number list / Global Station Information via NWS / BADC UK station list / Wetterzentrale list

WMO Radiosonde station list (Excel file)

Archive 00Z Met Office Analysis Charts (ASXX)  Via Karlsrhue (1998 onwards available)

The Weather Calculator - Numerous Met. numerical conversions / Alternative

Dictionary of Units and Conversion Calculators

Met Office surface data users guide via BADC

AMS Glossary of Meteorology 

NOAA MetEd - Meteorological Education and Training

EUMETCAL - European version of COMET/MedEd

University of St. Andrews guide to Mid Latitude Cyclones

University of Aberdeen meteorology lecture slides

Aviation Meteorology (for Australia)

NCEP Ensemble training manual

NOAA Hurricane and Natural Disaster Brochures

FEMA Hurricane Background and Preparedness Information  

Hurricane Intensity Scale

Past Atlantic Hurricanes

Weather Photography | Oscar van der Velde's " Lightningwizard "| Ian Collins's "Fotoesque"

Cloud Atlas

Chasing The Storm - weather photography

Aurora Footprint - Southern Hemisphere / Northern Hemisphere

Atmospheric Phenomena

Astronomical Data - Global Sunrise/Sunset times / Phase of the Moon

Worldtime sunrise/sunset and local times /  Sun/Moon calculator / Gaisma Global sunrise/sunset/dawn/dusk times

World Time Zones / Earth's Seasons (Equinox, Solstice etc)

Maps : HRW World Atlas / World Sites Atlas / Uni of Alabama - Map of Europe / NW Europe / UK Maps 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Map of Europe / UK and near continent / England and Wales

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (Lat/Long finder)

Hydrographic Office "Easy Tide" Tidal predictions / Environment Agency Flood Warnings

The Beaufort Scale

Global Earthquake report | USGS Earthquake report

Global Model Monthly Mean Anomaly Correlations (global model performance)

Mervyn Hardman's all time 'classic' ASXX presented to him as a jigsaw when he retired in 2003

Mike Tullet tribute page


Updated November 16, 2013