National Meteorological Services and Useful Sites

The Met Office / News Releases

NOAA's National Weather Service

Infomet (Espana) University of Barcelona

Meteo-France -Toulouse

Environment Canada

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Met Eireann   (including Valentia tephigram )

Top Karten/Wetterzentrale   - Georg Mueller's famous Met. data site from Karlsrhue University

FAQ for the newsgroup    

Ant Veal's Greatweather site

Roger Brugges' Weather page - Various including British Isles weather diary  

Royal Meteorological Society

TORRO - The UK's No1 tornado site

The UK Weather Information Site - by Martin Stubbs

Dave Wheeler's Northern Isles Weather

Westwind - large resource of Met. data

BBC Weather Centre

WMO list of National Met. Services / (WMO)



Updated February 24, 2016